Month: April 2017



岩崎玲美(左)、鄭紫晴(右) (Youtube:

「影像無國界2016/17」學員鄭紫晴、岩崎玲美繼2014/15 年度之後,今年再次參加計劃。雖然分別有著泰國、日本的血統,但由於只熟悉廣東話,於是與只熟悉英語的尼泊爾裔學員Rai Phirens 合力炮製出一齣名為《Drive》(2016) 的校園愛情小品,打破語言的隔閡。

It is the second time for All About Us 2016/17 participants Cheng Tsz Ching and Remi Iwasaki to join the programme after the 2014/15 edition. In spite of their ethnicity of Thai and Japanese respectively, they produced the film Drive (2016) with the Nepalese participant Rai Phirens, depicting a romantic story in campus, which crossed the boundary of languages.